Our label

Timeless, effortless and high-end, VUE SUR MER is a Belgian brand that reinvents
the horizon of cashmere. Through a “less is more” vision, we create unique, timeless and vibrant cashmere designs. Designed from fabrics skilfully selected for their high quality, our pieces are as precious as they are durable. Favoring noble materials and natural fibers, our label offers a wide range of sweaters combining softness, comfort and excellence.

Our values


VUE SUR MER’s universe revolves essentially around our quest for quality. By offering collections designed from the best fibers of cashmere, silk, cotton or linen, we ensure noble pieces that will accompany you on a daily basis without ever losing their luster. It is thanks to this rigor that we can offer you high-end pieces that meet your expectations.


Our cashmeres are timeless pieces that adapt to the seasons, trends and eras. Thanks to the heat-regulating nature of cashmere, our pieces can be worn in all seasons. But beyond timelessness, our approach is also intended to be sustainable, since our collections are designed to stand the test of time and accompany you over the years.

Our materials


Rare, precious and ultra-soft, cashmere is one of the most luxurious materials in the world. From a producer guaranteeing the good treatment of the animal in Inner Mongolia. Our cashmere is cruelty free and six times finer than a human hair.

It is this finesse that explains the incredible softness of our products and their prices. Cashmere production is still mostly artisanal; the harvest is done by hand using ancestral techniques on herds of human and reasonable size.


A natural fiber par excellence, linen is one of the most popular sustainable materials. Its cultivation requires 5 times less inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) than that of cotton and it would even improve the quality of the soil and subsequent crops by 20 to 30%.

Not very water-intensive, the plant is satisfied with rain and therefore does not need artificial irrigation. The different phases of transformation to go from plant to fabric are respectful of the environment.

“Zero waste”, linen produces durable, strong and wear-resistant garments without make waste since all the constituents of the plant are biodegradable.

Linen is thermoregulating: it adapts to temperature variations and allows you to have a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth when the thermometer drops.


Considered to be one of the most noble fibres, silk is a must-have for luxury brands. Produced by insects called Bombyx Mori, this exotic material is biodegradable and renewable.