The "LOVE IS LOVE" BOX from VUE SUR MER is an ode to free, fluid and inclusive love, and is there for the ideal gift for a cosy and committed Valentine's!


At VUE SUR MER, we celebrate February 14th by putting small cashmeres in large boxes. Both a declaration of love and an act of solidarity, our LOVE IS LOVE box is a sure-fire hit.


Regardless of sex, gender or color, we consider love to be the freest feeling. That's why VUE SUR MER has created an exclusive box celebrating inclusive love. The "LOVE IS LOVE" box, created with the Parisian brand Coucou Suzette, contains treasures of softness, sensuality and solidarity. Inside you’ll find two ultra-soft cashmeres, a Kamasutra puzzle and a donation to the LGBTQI association RainbowHouse Brussels! Offer this box to your beloved one and make February 14th a sensual and committed day!

  • Un couple de cachemires de votre choix (matchy // matchy ou mix & match)
  • A Coucou Suzette Kamasutra puzzle
  • A 10€ donation to the LGBTQI+ association Rainbow House Brussels
  • * minimum value of the box (430€)

As soft as a caress, as enveloping as a hug, as carnal as a kiss, cashmere is the perfect gift for February the 14th. In this exclusive box, we offer a harmonious mix of vitamin-rich knits and nude jumpers that are as bright as they are cozy for a luxurious second-skin effect. To prove our passion for Coucou Suzette, we have also included a small Kamasutra puzzle in our box for a little night time fun. To take concrete action in favor of love for all, we decided to donate part of our profits to the Belgian LGBTQI association RainbowHouse Brussels.


No definition better expresses our vision of love than "LOVE IS LOVE". That's why our "LOVE IS LOVE" campaign celebrates the love between couples, whether they are lesbian, gay, bi, straight or just friends. We have chosen to illustrate this vision through a photo campaign featuring real Belgian couples who redefine the concepts of love, break the codes of passion and reappropriate feelings to make stories as beautiful as they are unique. Coming from all horizons, our models embody, the freedom to love and have inspired this "LOVE IS LOVE" capsule.


Alexandra & Paula

Alexandra and Paula have been together for years, and were the first to come under the questioning gaze of our camera. Modest but confident, they let their love show in their own way: naturally. Between nervous laughter and longing looks, they offer us a definition of a passion based on benevolence.

Boris & Pierre-Louis

Discreet and almost too well-mannered when they arrived, it only took one flash to relax these two. Between two sarcastic jokes on the set, they nevertheless managed to give us a glimpse of the tenderness they share and the solid trust they built up within their couple.

Thomas & Ola

Models and best friends, these two did not panic in front of the flashbulbs. Thomas and Ola, who are used to be under the flash lights, used their complicity to offer us an artistic and light vision of friendship. Both singers, they have combined their worlds to create paintings that are both sweet and full of vitamins, far from toxic masculinity and exacerbated virility.

Paulien & Daan

True partners in crime, Paulien and Daan don’t need to follow the rules to be in the game. Far from conventions, these two accomplices tell us their story without even saying a word. A pose, a look and we immediately understand that in the Jackson Pollock style. The love that drives them splashes out in all directions. Like Bonnie and Clyde, they took the stage in a hold-up before storming off to new adventures.

Aoife & Raphi

brushstroke later, Aoife and Raphi were once again brimming with this communicative energy. These two studio regulars (make-up artist and photographer) posed both humorously and sensually. Between the fire and the sweetness, the smile and the proud look, they offered us a wild vision of love.

Nina & Thomas

Boum, ça a déboule en team. Ils sont deux et pourtant, ils débarquent telle une équipe sur notre shooting. Confiants et animés d’un côté Peter Pan, ils incarnent le couple qui se chamaille encore comme des enfants, celui qui s’est formé à partir d’échanges de toupies et de bisous derrière le stade de foot. Ils ont ce truc cool qui donne envie de trouver en l’autre une personne qui rira d’abord à nos blagues. Et pour eux l’amour, c’est surtout une question de matins ensoleillés


VUE SUR MER and the Parisian brand Coucou Suzette were the ideal partner for this boxas they share the same values. Queen of colorful and deliciously kitsch creations, it offers a wide range of playful accessories including the Kamasutra puzzle which will give naughty ideas to all those who want to spice up their February 14th.


La Rainbowhouse Brussels abrite différentes associations francophones et néerlandophones LGBTQI (Lesbiennes, Gayes, Bisexuel(le)s, Transgenres, Queer, Intersexes) de la région de Bruxelles. C’est un lieu où les LGBTQI+ et leurs ami.e.s peuvent recevoir des informations, bénéficier d’un accueil chaleureux ou simplement se rencontrer. Des associations – également non LBGTQI – s’y réunissent et y organisent de nombreuses activités socio-culturelles. La Rainbowhouse, c’est aussi un café ouvert à tou.te.s, un point d’information et un lieu d’accueil qui peut, en cas de nécessité, aider à trouver son chemin vers une assistance juridique, sociale, psychologique ou médicale.

Eloise Pirard