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En cette journée internationale des droits des femmes, nous tenons à mettre en lumière des femmes qui nous inspirent. Des femmes qui, grâce à leur esprit, leur créativité, leur courage, leur ténacité et leurs projets, ont ouvert la voie.

Among these women who prove to us on a daily basis that we can dream big and achieve our ambitions, there is Sofa Piñeiro. The first ambassador of VUE SUR MER, Sofia Piñeiro, is a woman of many challenges. Let's meet this unparalleled adventurer.

Hoisting the high life

As a sailor, mother and content creator, Sofia Piñeiro reinvents the concept of freedom. Attracted to extreme sports and travel from an early age, this globetrotter is embarking on a unique adventure: sailing around the world.

"I have always been attracted to foreign countries and situations that push me out of my comfort zone. The world of adventure, extreme sports and expeditions have allowed me to make this my everyday life."

Having already lived in many countries such as Argentina, Morocco and Paraguay, Sofia took to the open sea and embarked in 2017 for a trip to the depths of the waves. Pregnant a few months later, Sofia set course for life as a mother while combining this new role with that of a sailor. Creating and organising a family life on a twelve-meter sailing boat, Sofia embodies this 40-knot lifestyle.

Against the tide

With their two children on board, Sofia and Thomas are sailing against the tide and inventing a daily life filled with beauty. With their SEARCH project, the lovers are helping to protect the environment. Sailing to the farthest reaches of the planet, they document their expeditions to make their community aware of the fragility of nature and the importance of respecting Earth.

"Today, I am lucky enough to make a living from my passion surrounded by a team of people with the most diverse profiles and backgrounds."

Woman at the helm

But it hasn't always been easy for Sofia. On the occasion of International Women's Rights Day, she reminds us that women have to fight twice as hard as men and prove that they have a place. Especially in fields such as shipping and navigation, where testosterone reigns supreme.

"Society often tends to categorise the place of women, and this is also often the case in the adventure world. Through situations where I had to assert my place, the rebalancing of tasks when starting a family, but also meetings with adventurous women, I learned to take up a position or make decisions that are often left to men."

A bottle in the sea

En ce 8 mars, Sofia Piñeiro a donc un message à faire passer à toutes les femmes. À l’image de ces voyages aux quatre coins de la planète :

"I want to show that there is no place that is inaccessible to women.

Want to follow Sofia's adventures? Go to :

Son Instagram : here
L’instagram de son mari, Tomas de Dorlodot : here
Le compte de Search Projetcs : here
Le site de leurs divers projets : here

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