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Stop time, interrupt the rhythm, suspend the summer, capture the vitamin D and let the beauty of a never-ending summer last.

With the collection ENDLESS SUMMER , VUE SUR MER has decided to forget the “back-to-school” and opt for a voluptuous return to reality.

No way we could forget the summer’s benefits! With the collection ENDLESS SUMMER tuck yourself into the new school year with a delicate touch. Make a smooth transition from comfortable deckchair to a challenging office chair with a colorful cashmere on your skin, your head full of sunny memories and your body gently wrapped in the most luxurious and precious knits.

The collection ENDLESS SUMMER celebrates those suspended moments when long, hot days meet working day, when afterwork parties extend to stargazing aperitifs, and when Sundays bring friends together for festive picnics to fill up on vitamins before heading back to school.

With your heart in the sun and your body adorned with light cashmeres, the collection Endless Summer from VUE SUR MER allows you to start the new school year in a soft and sensual manner. Worn like a second skin, this luxurious and cozy knit is a real delicacy to face daily tensions.

It is THE must-have for the Indian summer.


Inspired by the color gradations of the Indian summer, VUE SUR MER has created an energetic and playful palette of shades for fall. Reminiscent colors of pastel paintings, sunsets and sour candy.

No compromises for back-to-school ! At VUE SUR MER, we're all about pink, soft pastels and soft greens.

Besides these sorbets’ shades, we also find an even more refined line that illustrates wheat fields, warm sand, sea foam and passing clouds. Shades that bring serenity and comfort in a fast-paced back-to-school season.

Together, these two lines sign a challenging and invigorating back to office! A vitamin-rich back-to-school season that could almost make summer pale...


The cashmere’s thermoregulatory nature gives it an absolute VUE SUR MER can be worn in all seasons

Summer or winter? They regulate your temperature, keeping you cool and airy when the temperatures rise and warm when the sun sets.

Perfect for boat trips, long picnics on the beach and aperitifs that feel like evenings under the stars…. Never forget yours! 

Eloise Pirard

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